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Vehicle Inspections

86 Central Street Topsfield, MA 01983 Mon.-Fri. 7:30-5:00pm t:(978)-887-9247

What vehicles need to be inspected: All vehicles that are registered in Massachusetts must receive a safety inspection each year. Vehicles listed below must also receive an on-board diagnostic (OBD)…
Effective October 1, 2008, commercial vehicles, trailers and converter dollies are subject to the Massachusetts Commercial Motor Vehicle Inspection. This inspection is equivalent to the annual Federal Motor Carrier Safety…
Waivers are not granted for safety-related failures. If your private passenger or OBD-equipped mobile home vehicle fails its emissions re-test, it may be eligible for a waiver of emissions standards…
Emissions. A vehicle that fails its emissions test must be repaired and pass a re-test within 60 days of its initial inspection. Give the Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR) you received…
Safety. A vehicle that fails its safety inspection must be repaired immediately. When you drive a car, truck, SUV or bus with safety defects, you are putting yourself and others…


Topfield Massachusetts' New Meadow Auto Group;

Factory recommended services (which will not void any factory warranty), We use original equipment and factory parts , commercial vehicle inspections, Brakes and brake system diagnosis and repair, Air conditioning and climate control , Electrical systems diagnosis and repair, Computerized 4 wheel alignments, Pre-purchase and post-lease inspections, Engine Repair / Replacement, Timing belt, Computer Diagnostic/Engine performance, Tune Up, Transmission repair / replacement, Drivetrain, Brakes, Tires. Steering and suspension, Heating and A/C,

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New Meadows Auto
86 Central Street
Topsfield, MA 01983

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