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Emissions Waivers

Waivers are not granted for safety-related failures.

If your private passenger or OBD-equipped mobile home vehicle fails its emissions re-test, it may be eligible for a waiver of emissions standards and a passing sticker that will be valid until your vehicle's next annual inspection. Only repairs performed by a Registered Emissions Repair Technician qualify for a waiver. Repairs made by anyone else are not eligible. If a Registered Emissions Repair Technician has tried to fix your vehicle but it still doesn't pass its emissions test, you can apply for an emissions waiver. There are no waivers for safety defects.

Your Vehicle May Be Eligible for a Waiver if:

You have spent at least the following on emissions repair costs (including labor and materials):

  • $790 for a vehicle five model years old or newer

  • $690 for a vehicle six to ten model years old

  • $590 for a vehicle more than ten model years old

Be sure to keep your repair receipts so you can show that you have met the applicable cost threshold for your vehicle.

  • Your vehicle's emissions control system must be intact, with no evidence of tampering

  • The vehicle must have passed its safety inspection within the previous 60 days.

  • The vehicle's OBD system (internal computer) must connect successfully with the inspection station's computer, must be "ready" for its re-test (i.e., it must have completed its self-checks of the emissions control system), and cannot be showing diagnostic trouble codes for engine misfire, catalytic converter efficiency failure, or energy storage (for a hybrid vehicle).

  • You provide the following required documentation:

    • Work orders and receipts from a Registered Emissions Repair Shop detailing the repairs that were made;

    • A completed Emission Repair Form signed by a Registered Emissions Repair Technician (or the technician must have entered repair information into the state's online database); and

    • Vehicle Inspection Reports from both your vehicle's initial inspection and its re-test(s).


If you lose your Vehicle Inspection Report (VIR), call the toll-free Motorist Hotline at 1-866-941-6277 to request that a duplicate be mailed to you. Please note that only repairs performed by a Registered Emissions Repair Technician qualify for an Emissions Waiver.

How to Apply for an Emissions Waiver

  • To obtain a waiver, your vehicle needs to be evaluated at a Motorist Assistance Center (MAC).

  • Call the toll-free Motorist Hotline at 866-941-6277 to schedule an appointment at a MAC near you. The agent you speak with will conduct a pre-appointment screening to be sure you have met the basic requirements.

  • Bring the required documents to your appointment.

  • If your vehicle qualifies for a waiver, the MAC will provide you with a waiver authorization so the inspection station that failed your vehicle can then issue you a passing sticker.

  • If your vehicle does not qualify for a waiver, MAC staff will advise you which requirements were not met.

Please note that if you have not obtained a waiver within 60 days of your vehicle's initial inspection, the Registry of Motor Vehicles may suspend your registration.



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